The roof is one of the most important features to a home. It protects you from rain as well as offers protection against wind and other natural elements that can cause damage to your house. With some TLC, your roof will last for years!

Dallas Area Roofing Pros is always looking out for the safety of their customers. It’s no surprise that we do not encourage DIY repairs and maintenance projects because it can put you in danger when working on your roof. However, there are a few things homeowners can do to keep an eye on their roofs instead of being surprised by damage down the line!

Follow these 6 summer maintenance tips below in order to keep up with your home roof this year:

    1. Check your shingles:

The climate in Texas can be unpredictable. One moment it might be sunny and calm, the next there’s a thunderstorm brewing overhead or you’re feeling the effects of high winds and hail as they tear through your shingles on top of your roof! A quick inspection outside from ground-level is all that’s needed to spot any damages before they turn into major problems for homeowners like yourself. We don’t recommend climbing up onto roofs because when dealing with things above our head we run too big a risk. 

When looking at your shingles, check for any:

      • Broken shingles
      • Dented shingles
      • Missing shingles
      • Torn shingles
      • Shingles with dark spots
      • Cracked shingles
      • Curled shingles
      • Shingle granule buildup in gutters

If there is any suspicion that the wind has caused damage then consult with our professionals at Dallas Area Roofing Pros who will assist with repairs so all Texan home owners can carry on living their lives without fear.

    1. Check your roof gutter and downspouts:

Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to a clog that will eventually cause rot, water damage, siding destruction, landscaping issues. It’s imperative for homeowners to keep them free of debris – especially following storms where material is windblown in their wake!

Always make sure safety is considered when taking on this project because it’s never worth risking injury while trying to save money by doing something yourself. Make sure to contact an experienced professional such as the qualified roofing contractors at Dallas Area Roofing Pros.

    1. Check the caulk around your home’s flashings:

Your caulk is the most overlooked line of defense against an expensive and inconvenient water leak. Water can cause all kinds of issues for your home, but with proper maintenance you’ll be able to protect it from those pesky leaks that always seem to happen at night or when we’re away on vacation!

    1. Remove debris from your roof:

As the Texas storms roll in, you might notice your roof accumulating debris. From sticks and leaves to windblown trash that have blown up onto your roof, this material can accumulate over time and cause problems for homeowners down the line.

Organic materials such as leafs will decay from their natural habitat on trees or plants into a thick layer of organic matter called detritus which is often found at decomposition sites like forests, wetlands or deserts. This leads to insects who benefit off living in these environments; but it also promotes mold growth beneath asphalt shingles.

It is important for homeowners to remove any loose material from their roofs before it becomes a problem; take care not to do so during unsafe weather.

    1. Treat any algae, mold and moss on your roof:

Roofs can become heavily shaded and moist, which promotes the growth of moss, mold, algae. There are a few solutions to combat this problem: you could gently scrub your roof with commercial products or disinfectant; you could make a homemade solution using chlorine bleach mixed in water that will kill these pesky pests!

While some people may not view growing moss on their roofs as an issue at all—and it is certainly less common than other problems for Texans such as hurricane damage–heavily shaded roofs exposed to moisture pose potential dangers by promoting the growth of potentially harmful organisms like fungus and bacteria. It’s always wise to inspect your roof to avoid these hazards from developing. At Dallas Area Roofing Pros, we offer FREE-no-obligation inspections to put your mind at ease. 

  1. Trim all branches near your roof:

Larger trees near your home can cause damage to your roof in a variety of ways. They can drop debris and larger sticks during storms, which may be problematic for homeowners who are worried about the safety of their property. Weaker trees that have rotted or been infected with disease over time could fall on someone’s house if they’re not careful; this is especially true when it rains hard! Consider inspecting these taller plants every year before trimming branches away from window sills, doors, porches, etc., so you don’t accidentally harm yourself or others while cutting them back too close to the building walls (which might make those areas vulnerable).

When to call the experts at Dallas Area Roofing Pros?

Climbing onto a roof can be dangerous. It’s never fun to have an injury, especially when it was avoidable by simply calling our experts at Dallas Area Roofing Pros. We will make sure that you don’t needlessly risk your safety or health with routine maintenance inspections. Our Inspections are always free of charge because your safety comes first.

Routine maintenance is like an oil change for cars. It helps you find small issues before they become big, and keeps your car running at optimum performance!

It’s important to stay on top of your routine roof maintenance because it can help you identify potential problems with the roof that are developing more slowly or even catch a problem in its early stages so there isn’t as much damage done when something goes wrong.