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All homeowners dread roof problems. I mean, it’s not so much the roof itself that you fear; more importantly is what can happen to your home if something goes wrong with the top of it! Urgh – just thinking about this scenario makes my heart sink and shreds away at any savings we might have in place for a rainy day (ahem…). That being said, as long as you’re willing to take action before things get too out-of-control then there may be some hope left on our horizon. An emergency roof repair will hold off anything terrible from happening while also giving us enough time to work towards a solution: either replacing or repairing the whole thing depending on how severe damage has been done already.


If you have a leaky roof, or if your house has been hit by hail recently and the shingles are in need of repair, then tarping is for you. Tarping provides an excellent temporary fix that prevents additional damage to your home’s exterior until repairs can be made. Dallas Area Roofing Pros offers timely tarps so these fixes will not cause any more issues with leaks on other parts of the building due to improperly applied tarps – our professionals know how to use them properly! If this sounds like something that would benefit you right now (or even later!)

Calling a professional roofer to have tarps applied to your home will protect the already compromised roof and could be cheaper than any future damage that may occur. Calling for tarping immediately after an event is imperative, as waiting can lead to water damage from rain or other events such as hail storms.

Tarping a roof is something that should be left to the professionals. Applying tarping in a DIY (do it yourself) fashion can lead to an expensive mistake because of how difficult and dangerous this process becomes, especially during inclement weather. The best application for those attempting do-it-yourself tarping would be placing tarps or other material on your attic floor while waiting for our professional’s arrival so you don’t end up with water damage throughout your home.

A brief look at emergency roof repairs:

A great way to protect your roof and home from the damage is with a commercial tarp. This will help prevent leaks, water in the attic, and reduce interior damages like mold growth on furniture or walls that can happen over time without protection! You’ll want to call us right away for our emergency tarps so you don’t have any more problems than necessary when it comes to your residential roofing needs.

Some common causes of emergency roof repairs include: 

  • Strong winds
  • Harsh weather
  • Fire damage
  • Lightning strikes
  • Fallen tree limbs
  • Presence of unwanted animals or pests

Asphalt shingles are meant to protect a home from the elements, but when one of these storms rips it away and leaves your house exposed you know that repairs need to be made. As soon as possible!

Tornadoes can rip off roof tiles leaving an unprotected surface which is bad news for any homeowner because this exposes them to all sorts of dangers such as water leaks and even fires. Now with so many people living in hurricane-prone areas like Texas or Florida it’s important not to neglect what seems like just another typical storm on weather radar by getting some emergency repair done before things get worse.

What qualifies a roof repair as an emergency?

Your roof is one of the most important, if not the single most crucial part of your home. If you’re residing in a region that sees inclement weather on an annual basis and have yet to invest in protecting your home, do so today! Here are some examples:

  • Live with water dripping into rooms? This can lead to mold growth as well as major structural malfunctions which could result in serious injury or even death. 
  • Are there signs something’s wrong but don’t know what they mean? For example, missing shingles may indicate water damage beneath them while standing leaks near vents might be due to clogged gutters (or worse). These problems cost money fast when left unaddressed; contact professionals immediately before things get worse.

What to do when your home roof needs an emergency repair:

 You are probably incredibly stressed out after learning about the roof damage. Remain calm and call our experts who will know exactly what to do for you! The insurance company might set up an adjuster too, so make sure that is done as soon as possible in order to be fully covered by them. As soon as we can following your contact with us, we’ll send a crew over there ASAP to secure the damaged portion of your roof before it has time to become any worse – but please remember: during violent storms like this one which just arrived unexpectedly on these hot summer days when most folks have their guard down or need some relief from scorching temperatures (and those living near water sources), safety comes first above all else; don’t risk injury trying to DIY.

It is not a good idea to do roof repairs yourself. Injury can occur while climbing the ladder, going across the roof or trying to cover up problem areas on your own. Leave this job for professionals and document any damage with photographs as well as a written description of what happened there; forward all documentation to your insurance provider when you have time so that clear communication between everyone involved in this process will be possible over email if needed.

Emergency repairs for flat roofs:

The approach to conducting an emergency flat roof repair is different from that applied to pitched roofs because it can be done during storms. In some instances, if the leak isn’t too severe and certain conditions are met then a specialized sealing compound will seal up your problem until calm weather arrives when we’ll do in-depth repairs you need for long term stability.

The most important thing to do when you are facing a roofing emergency is not to panic. It can also be difficult for people who try to repair the damage themselves, especially in the middle of nasty storm; never underestimate how dangerous that could be! When in doubt, contact Dallas Area Roofing Pros for your roof repair service- we’re there 24 hours a day so please call us at any time.

Choose a trusted insured and licensed contractor: 

If you have a damaged roof, don’t be fooled by the sketchy companies that show up after hurricanes. They are called “storm chasers” and they’re only looking for your money to fix what they made in other areas of damage from the storm! Be sure to contact an accredited contractor who will save you time and stress as well as provide a quality service with their insurance policy so if anything goes wrong during or after repairs, it’s taken care of.

When choosing which company is best qualified for repairing damages on your home caused by storms, always ask them about licensing and liability coverage before signing any contracts since many fly-by-night operations prey off unsuspecting homeowners. 

You want to make sure the company you choose is reputable and trustworthy. If they require a deposit before work begins, be aware of their terms and conditions. A good way to avoid being scammed is by getting several references from friends or family who have used them in the past as well as looking at reviews online on sites like Yelp!

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